The basics of photography | EXPLAINING THE EXPOSURE TRIANGLE

The Basics of Photography for Beginning Photographers | Explaining The Exposure Triangle

Do you love taking pictures? Did you just purchase a new camera or smartphone and have taken hundreds of photos? Do the photos look good, but not what you envisioned before taking the photo?

WELL...have no fear! The Basics of Photography for Beginning Photographers was written with you in mind!

This book will assist you in breaking out of the "AUTO" mode and successfully allow you to venture into shooting in most often feared "MANUAL" mode on your camera or smartphone.

The concepts used to describe the Exposure Triangle in this book are as follows:


-Shutter Speed




-Depth of Field

-How These Concepts Intertwine

-And More...

This book is for ANYONE who desires to acquire a better understanding of the Exposure Triangle. It was written in a manner for anyone to be able to understand the terminology, concepts, and to successfully apply them.

Purchase you copy and start taking better photos TODAY!